How to Monitor Websites for Price Changes, Job Offers and More

Posted on November 2nd, 2013

VisualPing is a new tool "made in Switzerland" by @visualping. It allows you to receive notifications by email about even minimal changes in the text or visuals of of any web page you would like to track.

I came across VisualPing when looking for a simple way to get notified about modifications on the "News" section of a company website that provided no RSS feed or email alerts.

Does that sound familiar? A competitor, community organization or online store that you would like to follow doesn't offer automatic updates via email newsletter, social media or an automated feed that you can subscribe to. Should you simply bookmark the site and try to check back frequently?

Or you are looking for a new job, and want to learn about new vacancies as soon as they are posted on the "Jobs" webpage of a company you have set your eyes on. But they forgot to include a job alert subscription form. So what do you do?

Competitive intelligence, bargain hunting, job search - just three examples where website monitoring and page alert services come in handy. They have been around since the early days of the web, but more as a tool for nerds and tech types.

On this blog, I have mentioned a service to monitor Facebook company and fan pages.

VisualPing was designed with everyday users in mind and packs an extra punch. Its homepage contains a simple form. You enter the URL of the page you want to follow, and VisualPing takes a screenshot of that webpage. The service then notifies you by email on an hourly, daily or weekly basis about any content changes.

Holiday shopping: How to create your own price drop alerts

Optionally, you can mark and select just a rectangular area of the screenshot, and VisualPing will notify you only about changes in the marked area. It's easy to see where this feature will be especially useful.

Think holiday shopping. With VisualPing, you now can receive email alerts for price changes for items on your list even if the online shops don't show up on comparison shopping sites, as is often the case with the websites of your favorite local specialty retailers.

And it works on Amazon, too:

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