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Where to Find Free Cloud Space

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Get 187 GB free file storage space in the Cloud (accumulated) by using the following links combined (last count: September 2013):

Copy - Get 15 GB free Cloud space + 5 GB extra via this link. Rewards program: 5 GB per referral. Last updated: 09/2013
- - - - -
Dropbox - To get 2 GB free Cloud space, use this link. Rewards program: 500 MB per referral, up to 18 GB. Last updated: 09/2013
- - - - -
MediaFire - For up to 50 GB free Cloud space, look at this. Rewards program: 1 GB per referral. Last updated: 11/26/2013
- - - - -
Shared - Get 100 GB free Cloud space with this link. Referral program: 30% commission on Pro purchases. Last updated: 09/2013
- - - - -
Cubby - You get 5 GB free Cloud space using this link. Rewards program: 1 GB per referral, up to 25 GB. Last updated: 10/2013
- - - - -
Ubuntu One - Start with 5 GB Free Cloud Space through this link. Rewards program: up to 25 GB free file storage, 500 MB per referral in 2013. Last checked: 10/2013
- - - - -
iDrive - 5 GB Free Cloud Space - get it through this URL, Rewards program: 1 GB per referral, up to 18 GB. Last checked: 10/2013
- - - - -
ADrive - 50 GB free Cloud space with Personal Basic account through this link. Advertising-supported. Last updated: 10/07/2013
- - - - -

Pogoplug - 20 GB Free Cloud Space via this link. Last checked: 10/2013
- - - - -

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