Blogging with Evernote: Top 5 Resource Blogs for Users

Posted on November 11th, 2013 | By Gerd Meissner, the free app that enables users of the "remember everything" software Evernote (EN) to convert any EN notebook into a blog and their EN notes into blog posts, has given blogging a new push. It's what I use for the How-to Tips Blog, you can find out more in the posts tagged #Postachio.

When I first looked into as a blogging platform, I was particularly impressed how fast this app has created its own community, with a diverse crowd of very resourceful bloggers offering help and tips on how to make best use of Evernote and as blogging tools.

If you have discovered only recently or if you are looking for more advanced insights, I hope you'll find the five blogs that I will introduce to you over the coming weeks as useful and interesting as I do. Blog of the Week (1)

First things first. As a "newbie" or as a pro blogger who uses the Evernote-driven platform in addition to WordPress, Blogger or Tumblr,'s own "house blog" should be on top of your (feed) list.

The Canadian startup's resident bloggers keep the marketing fluff level low, instead providing us with carefully portioned actionable information, like how to embed media files or code in our Evernotes so that they show on our blog.

Do you have a suggestion for my Top 5 list of blogs? Drop me a line, and subscribe to my mailing list to learn about more blogs and resources!

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