Can a Blog Post to a Facebook Page?

Posted on November 3rd, 2013 | By Gerd Meissner

The question comes up more frequently since more and more users of the cloud-based everything-organizer Evernote (EN) discover, a web app that allows them to conveniently convert any EN notebook into a blog.

New posts are published by simply creating a new note in Evernote - text, photo, video, .pdf documents, embedded tweets, even a web form - and then applying a special tag, like "published." Out it goes, for the world to read. Done.

Thanks to, blogging has never been that easy (for Evernote users). What's even more, it can help you simplify and streamline the content creation process you might already have in place: for a Facebook company or group page, for example.

If you use EN for small business management or marketing or to write lesson outlines for students as a teacher, an additional advantage of "instant-blogging" via is that you can publish new posts straight to other platforms as well.

Through's "Sharing" feature, individual notes can be tagged for publishing to individual accounts on social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

But what if you want a teaser for each new business, school or community blog post to automatically appear on your Facebook company or community page? That way, you could check #5 item off the checklist for promoting your post and getting more blog readers.

How to publish blog posts on a Facebook company or community page

That's where your blog's built-in RSS feed proves extra useful. It allows blog readers to subscribe to your posts, but you can also use it to include your blog feed on your company's or school's official Facebook page.

Your can find Facebook apps for that purpose. But having been there, done that, I personally prefer another method by far that I found to be much easier and faster to set up.

All you need is an account with If This Then That, a free web task automation service.

IFTTT enables non-programmers to connect web services and social media apps that you may be using already - like Evernote, RSS, Facebook, Google's Blogger or GMail, just to name a few - and makes them "talk" to each other.

IFTTT uses template-based "recipes" that can be shared, like in the example below. All that's left to do for you is to pull the right "ingredients" together.

For this purpose: enter the RSS feed address of your own blog and authorize IFTTT access to the Facebook page where you want to post new / Evernote blog items.

Create and distribute content with Evernote, and task automation

In our example, "If This Then That" translates to: "IF new RSS feed item published, THEN publish same item on Facebook page."

IFTTT Recipe: Feed to <span>Facebook</span> <span>page</span>

Just in case you have an existing Blogger, Wordpress or Tumblr blog that needs to be fed, but you have come to prefer Evernote-based blogging: IFTTT doesn't only enable posting from to Facebook.

You can find recipes just like this one for the other platforms and networks, too. You can even create your own. Share it with your blog readers, and drop me line!

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