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Posted on September 11th, 2013 | By Gerd Meissner

Did you notice? In the age of SEO-"optimized" headlines like "Top 3 Tools for..." and "How to Find the Best..." or (hold on, extra notch!) "Where to Find the Top 5...," pretty much any title with a different slant will help your copy stand stand out - on a blog, on a website or when trying to find the right header for a whitepaper.

After all, aren't headlines supposed to sell (content) to real people, not to Google?

Recently, word has gotten out that Google now puts more value on psychological impact and peer response in weighing its search results. That's why today's post by The Publicity Hound blogger Joan Stewart caught my attention. I've often found her "Tips, Tricks & Tools for Free Publicity" (blog tagline) useful.

How to create catchy, must-read headlines

This time, Joan's blog inspired me to test-drive the Advanced Marketing Institute's Headline Analyzer, and then to borrow from her post, by using the Headline Analyzer to create the headline for this entry. I diddled around with it a bit, by entering a draft first, and then replacing some words, before settling for the final result:

As far as headlines go, it's no work of art, but for this purpose, it will have to do. And I really think this is a great tool for those of us looking for new ways to write more powerful blog or website headlines, because the "Top 3..." and "How to..." approach can become a bit stale.

Of course, to feed the Advanced Marketing Institute's Headline Analyzer, you need a draft. It should include powerful words that grab the attention of your readers.

In my experience, relying on the suggestions of search engine analytics tools or the advice of SEO consultants alone is simply not enough. It won't make your headlines stand out.

But... where to find the right words for strong headlines?

To write copy that has an impact and moves your blog readers or website visitors to action - makes them read the full post, fill out a contact form, or purchase a product on the site - you will need powerful words.

This is where the time-tested experience and wisdom of marketers, advertising copywriters and - for blog posts in particular - newspaper editors about attention-getting "screamers" comes in handy.

Lucky you: Some of that knowledge has been distilled into at-a-glance infographics, like the one below. You can use the words that fit your purpose in a draft that you then feed to Headline Analyzer.

It's free, it's easy, and the result will almost always be an improvement over the run-of-the-mill "Top Ten Ways to..." approach. I guarantee it ;-)


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