How Can I Get More Readers for My Blog?

Posted on October 3rd, 2013 | By Gerd Meissner for Evernote, perhaps the simplest blog publishing platform ever - it turns EN notes into blog posts just by adding a tag, like "published" - has given a new boost to blogging. That's evident just from taking a quick peek at the users' feed on's website.

You've got the content and the publishing tools. Now the question becomes, where do I find readers for my blog? Being able to share your small business tips, wedding planner promotion, snark, free cloud space links, images or marketing case studies through a blog by simply "tagging" an EN note doesn't mean the blog-reading masses will automatically flock to it.

All tech considerations aside - at this point, you already should have an idea whom you are trying to reach with your blog, and where to find them. They may be already following your activities on LinkedIn or on Twitter, for example.

To promote your new blog post, use a checklist!

For efficiently reaching out to readers who will be interested in your new blog post, I recommend using the checklist below.

This infographic about things to do after you've written a new blog post has been created by the content marketing pros over at To help you promote your / Evernote blog posts, I have amended it with some tips specifically for bloggers. Below the infographic, you can find my tips that tie in with this checklist:

Source: Blog Post Promotion Checklist from

  • Re. 2) Where's your RSS feed on your new blog? If your blog is running on a domain ending in "," the link will look like this: .
  • Re. 7) and 12) "Comment on other blogs," "Ask other bloggers to mention your blog:" If you are new to blogging, look for other bloggers that have something in common with you. Like Evernote users with a new blog, for example!

    Where to find them? Here.

  • Re. 8) "Seek and assist on Twitter:" Especially with a new blog, a good start would be following @Postachio . Among's Twitter followers, you will find many bloggers like yourself who have questions you might be able to answer.
  • Re. 11) Don't have a newsletter yet? If you are blogging for business, you should have one. makes it easy for you to integrate a newsletter or mailing list sign-up form on your Evernote blog, so you can notify your readers about the newest posts. To see how it's done, sign up for new How-to Tips by email!

Bonus tip: Get free images for your new / Evernote blog, for example here: . Nothing will discourage potential new readers of your blog more than endless text, with no pictures in sight to refresh the eyes.

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