How to Get 20 GB of Free Cloud Space to Save, Share Your Files

Posted on August 5th, 2013 | By Gerd Meissner

Do you use services that allow you to store and share files in the cloud, like DropBox? Are you on a budget, and approaching your free storage limit with your current provider?

Perhaps you are a photographer, looking to back up a lot of photos on the cheap. Or you produce how-to videos for a small business or school, and need additional free cloud space to save and share your video clips.

If any of the above sounds familiar, a recent limited-time offer by a new Silicon Valley-based service named Copy might be just what you were looking for. I learned about this offer yesterday, signed up for it right away (no credit card information required), and got started with a total of 20 GB free cloud storage space.

Free 5 GB extra for each referral, for you and your friends

The service works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux platforms and - through apps - on iOS and Android mobile devices. It didn't take me more than ten minutes to get all set up. The installation was straightforward and painless, on my desktop computer (Linux) as well as on my iPhone and iPad.

I liked what I saw. But that's not the only reason why I share this offer with you via my How-to Tips Blog on

Full disclosure: I receive an extra 5 GB free storage space each time someone uses the referral link on this page, signs up with Copy, and participates in the company's referral program. Copy calls its offer "possibly the most rewarding referral program in cloud storage history."

You can earn your first 5 GB extra storage space simply by following the referral link in this post. Once you sign up, using the link in this post, 5 GB free cloud space will be added to my - and your! - account. That's in addition to the free 15 GB of cloud space you receive just for signing up.

What's more, another 5 GB free storage space will come your way each time you refer a friend or co-worker who signs up for Copy. According to Copy's website, users can earn 5GB of additional free storage for both themselves and the person they introduce to Copy for each referral, "with no limit on the total capacity they can earn."

No guarantees from my side how long this deal will last, since it's a time-limited offer. The average Copy referrer has earned well over 60GB of free storage, the company claims, with the largest referrers earning space in the 10s of TBs (Terabytes).

The way I see it, as long as the battle between the cloud space providers is on, customers win. Enjoy - see you in the cloud!

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