How to Make People Flock to Your How-to Book

Posted on July 31st, 2014 | By Gerd Meissner

Kudos to San Francisco Bay Area-based nonprofit marketing consultant Ben Delaney. Ben recently released his new Nonprofit Marketing Handbook.

I've mentioned the handbook before, in a blog post about 5 Top Tools in the Nonprofit Marketing Starter Kit. Check it out - you can win a copy of the eBook version.

The book is an accomplishment in itself. But the kudos are for something else:

Ben didn't throw a traditional launch party. Instead, he invited Oakland, CA nonprofit managers to a 3-hour Nonprofit Marketing Workshop - free. It was fully booked one week in advance.

ConneXionJLP in Oakland hosted the seminar.

Photos: Ben Delaney's Nonbprofit Marketing Workshop in Oakland, July 2014

Those who expected a full-out pitch were pleasantly disappointed. Make that "relieved." Who wants to sit through one of those for three hours?

No, they didn't get treated to a plain ol' book presentation. The new handbook itself was only mentioned in passing. The author didn't present individual chapters, nor did he confine himself to prepared slides.

Instead, Ben the Speaker engaged and entertained his audience. He presented a mix of team challenges, hands-on advice and real life how-to marketing examples.

As a result, Ben the Author had his hands full afterwards. Workshop participants lined up for a signed copy of his book to take home.

Real authors don't pitch. They build trust.

Here's my own takeaway from the Nonprofit Marketing Workshop:

  • The author comfortably established his expertise by driving a real conversation with his audience.
  • He avoided the hard-sell.
  • Instead, Ben provided workshop participants with a learning experience. It made time fly and left them yearning for more.

I spoke with several of the participants afterwards. They loved the actionable insights the author had shared with them.

They couldn't wait to read Ben Delaney's Nonprofit Marketing Handbook and try out some of his tips on the job.

As for myself, I thought: I've just watched a textbook example on how to run a how-to book presentation.

Back in the office, the attendees will remember the author for his demonstrated expertise in his field. The book with his name on the cover will help to keep their memory fresh.

If you run a consulting business like Ben, that's one powerful "business card."


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