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Posted on November 11th, 2013 | By Gerd Meissner

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In London, MacPsych celebrates the announcement that has joined the Evernote App Center ("Centre," in the Queen's English).

He acknowledges that is missing "lots of the bells and whistles of more advanced blogging platforms like WordPress and (shudder) Blogger," but concludes: "I think that’s an advantage - it’s all about getting words down on the page and publishing" - welcome to the club, mate.


Leave it to a German to apply some serious Evernote / engineering to a classic app: the advent calendar.

Herbert Hertramph from Ulm, Germany has done exactly that, and posted a German-language tutorial on how to create an Evernote-powered advent calendar blog - translation, anyone?


On's house blog, the startup's own tech-recruiter-turned-marketing-maven, Jared Shaw, draws on his past experience as an online resume speed reader (my words, not his), and asks: ">Is authoring a blog the best career move you can make?"

He goes on to stress that authoring an industry-related blog is work, that it sends the signal that the blog author cares enough about his or her field to put in the extra effort, and what it takes to get it right - lots of useful tips for bloggers considering to sharpen their professional profile and further their career included.


One could think Google has been taken over by the World Wildlife Fund, what with all the buzz about its "Hummingbird," "Panda" and "Penguin" algorithms. The keyword here is "search engine optimization" (SEO) - blogger James Gunter explains and illustrates in this post what content strategists need to know about "the truly fundamental change in the way that Google searches."


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