Digest: Lazy Bloggers, to Tumblr, Instagram, Wishlist, Copywriter Savings, Beta Marketing?

Posted on January 24th, 2014 | By Gerd Meissner

My publishing platform for this blog is, the easy-as-pie blogging service for Evernote.

Read on for recent blogging news, tips and tricks in two-sentence nutshells - short info snacks for serious fans like yours truly. Look up the last issue of my Digest here.

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Makeuseof's Joel Lee suggests "Keep It Simple, Stupid" (no offense taken) and highlights 7 No-Fuss Online Tools For The Lazy Blogger. comes in 2nd, the author finds that its "real benefit is that will always be as powerful and flexible as Evernote."

Jason Darrell was looking for a way to share with ease via IFTTT on Tumblr, but's format restricted the quality of any recipe. He found a way, though, via, and explains it here.

acelticmonk shared a recipe on IFTTT, for those who want to blog public Instagram videos with a specific tag via

IFTTT Recipe: Save Instagram videos with a tag to my Evernote for connects instagram to evernote

"MacPsych" Richard MacKinnon presented his personal features wishlist: What I need from In the comment section, Lindsey C. Holmes (Evernote Small Business Ambassador and author of "Blogging w/Evernote") outs her site as a "custom" blog - read: on (Rebelmouse) steroids.

Marketing Blog 101 posted a chat with NYC-based copywriter and blogger Alex Yong (, who puts a number to the reasons why he likes "I save over $2,200 a year with instead of using a fancier site for writers’ portfolios - those can cost over $195 a month, sometimes more!"

Confession - in a remote corner of the Interwebs, I've kept some Google Blogger (formerly Blogspot) blogs more or less alive. I'd probably have them migrated to WordPress long ago if it weren't for the item pictured below that's been gathering dust on's beta dashboard (hope springs eternally) - only to learn from the Vancouver-based startup last week that they still have no ETA yet for that ominous promised import feature / tool to import Blogger into to be released - can we get more specific, please?

Phew... - in the second paragraph of this digest, I promised "two-sentence nutshells." If you made it this far, thanks for holding your breath and sticking with me through that last paragraph!

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