Digest Special Bulletin: Premium Version Roll-out

Posted on March 1st, 2014 | By Gerd Meissner

This just in:

Are you using, the blogging service for Evernote? Then watch out for the blogging wingnut, below. I decided that my Digest * would benefit from a visual boost.

Here's what the How-to Tips creative department came up with. From now on, the airborne messenger munchy below will help me serve up info bits for Evernote bloggers in a nutshell, on the fly.

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Questions remain. Like, how should we name her? Him? "Nora Nutpick?" "Hermès de Blog?"

"Harald" would be considered, too, or "Postacia," considering the rapid growth of the community outside North America.

Crowd-sourcing may bring the answer. Suggest a fitting name! You'll receive a "Blogging Wingnut" t-shirt or coffee mug if your suggestion gets chosen.


The Digest is a feature of Gerd's How-to Tips Blog and not a part of nor affiliated with / Input Logic Inc.

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