Where to Get 100 GB of Free File Storage Space

Posted on August 22nd, 2013 | By Gerd Meissner

The short answer, of course, is "in the Cloud." In a recent post on this blog, I've pointed out how you can start with 20 GB of free file space at cloud service Copy. Each time you refer a friend who signs up, another 5 GB are credited to your account.

From personal experience, I can confirm that they stick to their promise. Some users reportedly have amassed free storage space in the TB realm. I'm not even close to that amount yet (and wouldn't know how to fill it anyway), but with recent referral awards from Dropbox, I was well on my way to my 100 GB of free file space in the cloud.

Then I found a shortcut.

A new San Francisco-based service, Shared.com, now promises "100 GB of fast, secure storage" for your files with its free accounts. No credit card required for sign-up. So I did.

The company's current free cloud storage plan has a 2 GB file size limit built in and will also display ads. The free plan lacks some features that power users would want (like unlimited parallel file downloads). The cloud service offers those and more with its Pro and Pro Plus paid plans.

Shared.com impressed me with its minimalistic drag-and-drop interface that works on mobile browsers. The service makes it easy to drag files from a desktop or mobile computer and drop them right into the cloud.

The company's customer service was very responsive when I had a question about an inconsistency on the website regarding the free plan. The "Storage Used" status bar for free accounts had not been updated and displayed the percentage based on an older plan. They fixed the bug promptly and confirmed the terms of the free offer by email.

Shared.com's offer: 100 GB in the Cloud - free, fast and easy

While Cloud and Dropbox offer mobile apps that allow for seamless file storage and cloud integration across mobile platforms, Shared.com doesn't offer any mobile apps for its service yet. But the company says it's working on it.

For now, in my iPad's Safari browser,for example, Shared.com's file selector currently defaults to the photo folders on mobile device, like "Camera Roll." That's good enough for me currently, because 100 GB free file storage space make for a good cloud "attic" to store my non-critical photo and mobile video project files.

As for shipping your digital crown jewels off to cloud candyland, or locking away valuable business files in the secure vaults of marketer-embattled Clowdovia - through this service or any other - the usual disclaimers apply.

Read the fine print. Make sure to follow the service updates. "Free" cloud space terms can change faster than the interest rates and service fees on your credit card.

How-to Tips: Free cloud quest - what's the plan?

One more thing I learned on my recent cloud expedition so far: From a small business point of view, making use of attractive free cloud space offers from two or three providers can make a lot of sense - as long as you have a plan what to do with it, that is, and don't just collect because it's free.

My current plan is to to find a solution to tie 'em up. Call it Operation Thrift: Cheapskate that I am, I would like to combine my freebie cloud spaces in a way that allows me to flexibly respond to any future changes to the terms of the free space offers the cloud service provider might come up with.

Lucky me, I found there's more than one apps for that. But I am still open to suggestions - feel free to use the Comments section for input.

Have you booked file storage space in the cloud with different providers? Would you like to be able, from your smartphone, to quickly move your photos, videos and other larger files from one cloud space provider to another, like moving them from directory to directory on your desktop or notebook computer?

Then I have some good news for you on this blog soon.


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